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User Guide
There are three different options

1 Normal

With normal option checked you can use this utility as ID3 tag editor. You can edit mp3 meta tags like Title, Ablum, Artist, Album Artist, Composer, Genre, Year, Track, CopyRight and Comment.
2 Remove Keywords from file name
Suppose you have downloaded songs from as shown below

Figure 1
Figure 1
All songs contain keyword “[Songs.PK] 00 –“ and film name ‘2 States’ and remaining part is actual song title as shown in figure1. It becomes hectic you will go to rename all these files manually by remove keyword and film name from file. Let TagIt-MP3 do his job
Click button ‘Browse MP3 files’ select all files. Check “Remove file name keywords” then Click toggle button Use Custom keywords a textbox will appear type keyword “2 States - ” in it.
Note no need to enter keyword ‘[Songs.PK] 00 -’ utility already contains this keyword it will automatically remove this keyword. Just type “2 States - ”.
Select all files with toggle button in right upper corner of grid then click button “Apply Changes” .That’s all you have done. See picture given below



Figure 2

3 Remove Meta keywords only
With this option you can remove keywords from meta tags of mp3 file. Like you may have a keyword ‘Song.Pk’ in Title tag of mp3 file , with this option you can remove that as well . Procedure is same as above. Don’t forget to Check boxes against meta tags.

Built-in Keywords Utility will automatically remove these keywords
1. [Songs.PK] 00 –
2. [Songs.PK]
4. –
5. |

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